A little smidgin about me, my services and what inspires me…

I provide creative design solutions to driven, open-minded businesses looking to set themselves apart from their competitors. Plain and simple.

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 20 years now. After receiving a BFA degree in visual communication with an emphasis in graphic design from Northern Arizona University (1998), I chose small town over big city as a platform for my pursuit of a career in graphic design. My first stop was Southwest Colorado. This unique mountain region turned out to be the perfect environment for fostering confidence and creativity. After building a vast skillset in that small-town setting, I moved to Maui. It was a dream of mine to live the “island life”, soak in the sun, cool in the trade wind breezes and thrive in the creative energy.

That was then. This is now. Hawaii has been home base since those early days. For me, to live a rich life in such a beautiful place requires a delicate balance of two lifestyles: 1) getting creative with design and 2) getting outside. To satisfy my need for the outdoors I smattered my 20s and 30s with temporary career layovers such as Hawaii boat captain, Alaska expedition leader and Colorado outdoor science instructor. Throughout my sojourns I continued to do graphic design. The power of design has been omnipresent for me. As my life’s scope broadened, so too did my client base. As a full time graphic designer today I continue to challenge myself in this ever-expanding field. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

– Brock Munson

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A quick visit to Molokai for some fly fishing.