Background ::: I’ve been a freelance graphic designer since the late 90s. After receiving a BFA degree in visual communication with an emphasis in graphic design from Northern Arizona University (1998), I chose small town over big city as a launchpad for my career. My first stop was Southwest Colorado. That unique mountain region turned out to be the perfect environment for fostering confidence and creativity. After building a vast skillset in that small-town setting, I moved to Hawaii. It was a dream of mine to live the “island life”, to soak in the sun, to cool off in the trade wind breezes and to thrive in the free-thinking, creative energy. That’s where my freelance career took off. But mother nature always beckoned me away from my computer. To satisfy my need for the outdoors, I peppered my 20s and 30s with various side jobs—tour boat captain (Hawaii), expedition leader (Alaska) and outdoor science instructor (Colorado)—all the while allowing sufficient time to be creative in the graphic design industry. Through all my endeavors, freelance design helped solidify and maintain my professional foundation.

Today ::: That was then. This is now. These days I’m proud to call Austin, Texas “home”.  It’s an elite creative hub where competition brings out the best in graphic designers. It’s also a place of discipline and challenge that separates true designers from desktop publishers. Austin is also a place of diversity, both culturally and environmentally. For me, to live a rich life in such a place requires a blend of two important lifestyle ingredients: being creative in the digital world and being active in the outdoors. This delicate balance is what feeds my soul.

Offerings ::: I provide creative design solutions to driven, open-minded businesses looking to set themselves apart from their competitors. Plain and simple. As the industry has quickly evolved these last 20 years, so too has my skillset and my design offerings.

  • branding
  • logos
  • business cards, letterheads, envelopes
  • packaging design
  • postcards
  • brochures/rack cards
  • posters
  • signage, banners
  • print/web advertisements
  • book design
  • Email Newsletters
  • web design
  • photography
  • photo editing
  • videography