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• websites
• social media campaigns
• branding (including logos)
• print collateral (posters, brochures, flyers, rack cards, catalogs)
• advertising design (print and web)
• publication design
• event image concept development (banners, signage, etc)

My schooling many years ago taught me the universal elements of design and how to explore my own creative process of implementing those elements for each and every project that comes my way. The difference between my services as a professional graphic designer and the services of “graphic design” gateways such as Fiverr is akin to the difference between Mom’s home cooking with recipes passed down through generations and a frozen TV dinner. Your choice matters.

From concept to completion, I approach creative projects with the utmost respect and integrity. No two projects are the same. Cookie cutter design is never in my frame of thought. 20+ years has taught me that even the toughest of design problems has a creative solution. As long as the client is willing to put the time in, willing to be open-minded and is ultimately ready to be successful… we can make sweet music together!

Photography has become a passion in life and a tool for me in my business as a graphic designer. A good photographer isn’t always the easiest to find. And, if a project requires photography, choosing the right imagery is crucial to the success of that campaign. There’s a time and place for stock photography. But the internet is only one resource. Outsourcing to another photographer is another option. Good photographers are true artists and should be utilized for their unique talents, especially when their work really connects to the scope of the project. And finally, there are those times where my own in-house photography services are prudent for the task at hand.

Not every moment requires a camera. But when it does, you know it. And, there’s no other medium that tells a story quite like a photograph. With the right balance of preparation, efficiency, patience and timing… magic can happen. Implemented in the right way, that magic can turn into success for your business.

Graphic Design Photography Videography Copy Writing Maui Hawaii

• photography
• photo editing
• videography and video editing

Graphic Design Photography Videography Copy Writing Maui Hawaii

• creative writing
• travel blogging
• copy editing

The right copy is a powerful element in any design project. And to me, it’s a different level of creativity that can be expressed to an audience. From my time in the newspaper industry to my work travel blogging around the world. I’ve absorbed all levels and styles of writing. When it comes to my time in the industry of graphic design, I’ve been able to explore the written word with select clients over the course of my 20+ years in this business. And, when I’m already provided copy for a project, sometimes copy editing can make all the difference.

Capturing the essence of a moment, a service or a product through the lens of writing is truly an art form. Done correctly, the written word can be the difference between remembering and forgetting… a sale or revenue lost… success and failure. The imagery a potential customer or client sees is the plump, ripe fruit on the tree. The copy they read is that first mouth watering bite. It’s this wonderful relationship between image and word that can tip the scale toward prosperity in business.